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Dalston Photographic Society has around 40 members and is made up of all sorts of friendly people, with a common passion for photography. We are all at differing levels of photographic experience. Some of us are new to digital photography; some have been taking photos for longer than we can remember. We have members who prefer to take landscape photos; others like taking nature shots. Street photography pops up and portrait photography is popular. Lots of us can't make up our minds as to what we like shooting best.

Then what happens after you have taken the picture?... Some of us prefer minimal post-processing of images - getting the picture how we want it in-camera. For others, the post-processing is all part of the fun. Lightroom, Photoshop - you need any advice, we have people who can advise you. If you want to learn how to cut your own mounts and professionally display your work - we can help. 

In the summer months we arrange group outings to take photos together - this could be a car-share trip to Derwentwater; a mini-bus trip to Beamish; night photography up on Hadrian's Wall; or anything else we can dream up. And of course we often finish up in the pub to compare results.

Being a member of a camera club helps open your eyes to the world, inspires you to see detail and look for pictures wherever you go. Joining a camera club is fun... So, if you live near Dalston, come and join us at Dalston Photographic Society; we want to meet you and if you want to share your images with us, we will be delighted to see them.


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Dalston Victory Hall, The Green, Dalston, Carlisle, CA5 7QB

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Held every Thursday evening at 7.30pm September through April.

Study Group meets first Tuesday of the month 7:30pm.

Photo outings and coffee mornings held in the summer months, May through August.



£40 per year; and there is a £2 fee each time you attend. 


Dalston Photographic Society is a member of the NCPF - The Northern Counties Photographic Federation and a PAGB - Photographic Alliance of Great Britain affiliate