Welcome to Dalston Photographic Society

Dalston Photographic Society has around 40 members and was initially founded as Morton Photographic Society in the early 1960s. The club changed its name in 2023 to recognize where it is now based in the village of Dalston, 4 miles to the South West of Carlisle.

We meet weekly on Thursday evenings from September through April at the Victory Hall in Dalston.

Throughout the year members enjoy a variety of speakers, from specialists in underwater photography, wildlife photography, street photography, newspaper and commercial photography and expert landscape photographers with specialised interests in Lakeland work.

The Society holds monthly club competitions for both colour and black and white images in print and digital formats. In these competitions we work to encourage newer members to take part in a separate class from those who have more experience. We also encourage as many members as possible to show their work and explain how and where they have taken their pictures.

We also run a separate monthly Study Group meeting on Tuesday evenings to give members the opportunity to learn more and share knowledge about their cameras and different techniques to improve their photography.

If you are interested in photography, please come along to any of our meetings or events.

For further information please contact: info@dalstonphotographicsociety.com

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