Members’ Night: Panels

Thu 1 Feb 2024 7:30pm

Members share their images on the given theme.

The Victory Hall, The Green,
Carlisle, Cumbria


<p>I enjoyed last nights presentation although not a style of photography I've even considered, but I can see some fun in trying to replicate some of the techniques. This leads me to the question below:</p><p>What's the format of this members night? What is the 'given theme'? A&nbsp;triptych panel was mentioned briefly last night, is this the night to present a&nbsp;triptych? If so what is the format/size. or does anything go?</p><p></p>

Hi Kevin: I'll get you an answer on this. 

Thanks Paul, following last nights gathering I now know what I need to submit, I'll be submitting a triptych for members night on the 1st of Feb and another one for the meeting on the 29th of Feb.