Model Photography Session at Dumfries 12th November and 3rd December

Date Published 
Thu 28 Sep 2023

Rod Wheelans from Dumfries Club has organised a studio group of Club Members, some quite experienced at this genre, some less so and he has organised some instruction.

He has booked the studio and an excellent model for one day each on Sunday 12 November and Saturday 3 December.  

It is probably going to cost about £40/£45 a head as he has to cover travel as well as her fee.  If more book, it might cost less.  He will arrange your shooting in short burst so that you are not overwhelmed and you will get several chances with different outfits so that you can all have the opportunity to get different photos.  He will be there to help. 

If you want to book, book soon.  e-mail Rod at and he will add you to his circulation list for earlier notifications and priority on booking.